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Tips For Toilet Training Your Pet Dog

Toilet training your pet dog as early as possible is always a better idea. It always feels good to see your dog well trained and behaved; however this can only achieved with a fair amount of persistence and patience. Although… Continue Reading →

Your Dogs Intelligence – Could Dogs Be Smarter than Their Owners?

The intelligence of the dog is among the highest of all the animals, maybe higher than we give him credit for. Although his brain is proportionately only half as large as ours, he is certainly the most intelligent of domestic… Continue Reading →

Police Dogs

Dogs that work in law enforcement are very special animals. They go through extensive training, of course, but before the training even begins, the dogs must meet a great many requirements. Temperament and intelligence are two of the main standards…. Continue Reading →

History Of The Pit Bull

No other breed of dog has experienced as many discriminations and misconceptions as has the Pit Bull. While some people would tell you that Pit Bulls are a gentle and harmless pet, other people consider them as wicked and evil… Continue Reading →

Puppy Potty Training

Potty training a puppy is much easier than potty training a child, because a puppy will “go” at very predictable times. When you know how to predict the times that the puppy is going to empty his bowels or bladder,… Continue Reading →

Dog Behavior – What To Do When Your Dog Is Being Bullied

What are the signs of “dog bullying” and how can you prevent your dog from being bullied by other dogs? There are dogs out there that bully other dogs when in a “doggie environment”, such as a dog park, dog… Continue Reading →

Easy To Teach Dog Tricks

To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some small reward treats, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 minutes or your dog will start to get board,… Continue Reading →

‘Sit Up’ Buddy: Training Your Dog To Sit Like You

The trick of “sitting up” is easily taught to small dogs, but should try not be included in a big dog’s education, as it is difficult for them to preserve their balance. The training of sitting up is one of… Continue Reading →

Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as many ways to raise a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family in general! But most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are universal and… Continue Reading →

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