You Need To Potty Train Your Dog

You Need To Potty Train Your Dog

From helping your dog to know when to bark, to know when it’s not okay to beg, to come to you when you call him, it’s easy to see how at least some training can be very beneficial. It may seem hard to teach your dog new tricks, but in reality it’s simple if you just keep trying the right strategies. Here’s a few good ideas.

Remember that sometimes patience is key, don’t become frustrated if your dog doesn’t catch on right away. It would be nice if every dog could understand your every command but you have to remember they can’t. Just try and be sure you are aware of your dog’s emotions and when they do follow your command reward them so they know what they did was right.

Not all dogs are comfortable around other dogs or people. The best way to train your dog to be more comfortable around other animals or people is to expose them to as many people and other dogs as often as possible, preferably earlier in their life. This will make them accustomed to being around others.

Keep a loose leash when walking a dog. When you are taking your dog for a walk, do not hold the leash taut. This can actually teach a dog to pull on the leash, even if they are not already doing so. Dogs have an instinctual counter pressure response the same one utilized by sled dog teams.

If you don’t want your dog watching you while you are eating or making dinner, try teaching him to stay behind an invisible line during mealtimes. Make an invisible barrier at the entrance of the kitchen and block your dog back into that spot every time he moves while you’re doing things in the kitchen and reinforce him staying and being good. He will quickly learn that staying out of the kitchen during mealtimes is the appropriate thing to do.

When you are training your doggy friend, use what is known as primary reinforcement. Primary reinforcement uses something that is inherent for the dog to love as a reward for good behavior. Primary reinforcements include using food as treats and rubbing your dog’s belly. This will teach your dog how to get something he already wants.

It is a good idea to teach your dog basic commands by using hand signals in addition to voice commands. This can be done either at the beginning of training or added after he already knows the command. Hand signals can be beneficial in situations where your dog might not be able to hear your voice and if you decide to continue on and compete in dog obedience classes.

Training a dog is a great experience. Seeing how your pet develops good behavior and respect for your command you is a rewarding experience and well worth your time. Training a dog should be treated as an opportunity to have fun instead of a chore, so have fun trying out the suggestions in this article!

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