Important Dog Training Information That Anyone Can Use

Important Dog Training Information That Anyone Can Use

Without proper training and obedience lessons, man’s best friend can become man’s worst enemy. Aggressive behavior, hyperactivity and chewing, are only a few of the common problems that people experience with puppies and even, middle-aged dogs. This selection of useful dog training technique can help you to work with your dog to build a better relationship.

A dog with hobbies is a happy dog. Make your dog work on walks. Many large breed dogs enjoy carrying items during walks such as tennis balls, sticks, or even dog-sized backpacks. This gives a dog a sense of purpose and gives him something to concentrate on. This way his attention span will be less likely to stray from your walk.

If you want to raise a well-behaved dog, you should always make sure that your dog has these three vital needs met: food, water, and shelter. All animals need to have these needs. If your dog does not have a proper amount of any of these three needs, then your training methods will be ineffective (and you shouldn’t have a pet).

Do not forget to praise your dogs for the good things they do. Humans can be a bit harsh when they are not happy with a dog’s behavior, while being far less demonstrative when their dog does good things. Your dog needs you to be very generous with praise so they can easily understand what you want. Be generous with praise to show him how much you value good behavior.

Does your dog jump up on you? Simply turn your back to your dog for a few seconds when she jumps up. Most dogs will quickly learn that jumping up makes you ignore them, but when they have all four feet on the floor, then you pay attention to them.

If you want to keep your dog off the couch or bed you will need to create a negative reinforcement when he decides to jump on the furniture. Once he jumps on the banned furniture, give a sharp, “No!”. Gently, but firmly, lead your dog off of the furniture. If your dog decides to sit at your feet instead of jumping up on the sofa, reward him with lots of praise.

The “watch” command is extremely useful and should be taught to your dog early. The process is simple: hold a treat between your eyes and use the command. When the dog gets this idea, start moving your hand parallel to your face. Naturally, your dogs eyes should follow the treat. The moment he looks back at you, as if to say, “Aren’t you going to give me that?” reward him. Pretty soon, he’ll learn that looking you in the eyes is the best way to get what he wants. This technique is valuable for helping your dog to focus on you during distracting situations.

Rather than waiting another minute for your dog to soil the carpet, chew up your furniture and shoes or make a fool of itself at the local dog park, get started with a training program by using any of these simple, effective and proven tips and tricks, for teaching your dog.