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Understanding Psychology Of Dog Training Pack Behavior Establishing Control

Understanding Psychology Of Dog Training: Pack Behavior & Establishing Control Dogs are descendent of wolves. To study the psychology of dog training and understand the pack hierarchal system of dogs, we must go back and examine their ancestor – wolves. Wolves live naturally in packs of at least 2 and more… They live in a Read more
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Understanding The Many Moods Of Your Puppy

UNDERSTANDING THE MANY MOODS OF YOUR PUPPY Arrange your puppy training to be easier and more enjoyable by comprehending that your puppy is making an effort to connect with you in further ways than barking or wiggling his tail. Keep in mind, your puppy also tries to communicate with his ears, paws, tail, mouth and […] Read more
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Understanding When To Reward And When To Punish Your Dog

UNDERSTANDING WHEN TO REWARD AND WHEN TO PUNISH YOUR DOG There are certain things which should be kept in mind while training one&’s dog. There are different techniques of dog training. Some of these techniques are quite useful, while some others can bear negative results. It is therefore quite natural to get confused with so […] Read more
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